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International Buyers

International Buyers

AR Auto, LLC is a service located in Portland, OR, USA. We have been in this business since 1992 and we have expanded our business across the borders of Oregon State. We now provide our products and services internationally. Our inventory is situated in Portland, Oregon and it can also be found on our website. We provide shipping to any country, as long as it has the "RORO" or container service available. This is how we wish to help our customers to be able to benefit of our services, even outside the State of Oregon.

Why choose us?

We have been in this business since 1992, which means we have a vast experience in this domain. We are specialized in buying and selling late model re-buildable and damaged vehicles. We also provide services of repossession and theft recovery vehicles. Besides the inventory we have, we can also buy vehicles that we find at auto auctions or dealers.

Upon the customer's special request, we can also buy auto body and mechanical parts. Regarding these parts that we can buy on customer's demand, we can ship them together with the car, or separately, as the customer desire.

We have been in this business for more than a decade and we have improved and enhanced our services, for the satisfaction of our customers. We are always trying to help our customers get their cars at the right price, so that they save a good percentage from the retail price. We know that the satisfaction of our customer is the most important, so we make everything possible to help them get the car of parts they need, at the best possible prices.

How can you find what you are looking for?

International buyers can browse our website to check our inventory. If you find a vehicle that you like and wish to find more information about, you can simply click on it to see its details. For every vehicle that we have displayed on our online inventory, you can also see the Shipping Rates.

For special requests, you are welcome to contact us, using the Contact page or calling one of our numbers, which you can also find on the Contact page. For special requests, we will discuss further details regarding the shipping.

Reasons to contact us

We are specialized in buying and selling damaged vehicles and late model re-buildable. Besides these, we also offer other services, such as buying certain parts on customer's request. All of our services aim to satisfy the customer's needs. If you are still wondering why it is good to buy damaged vehicles, we have the answer: because ARAuto.com can help you get the right price for the damaged vehicle you wish to buy. Buying a damaged car with our help helps you save 50% from retail price.

For further information, special requests and shipping rates, you can contact us at (503) 289-5355 or (503) 703-3685, via fax at (503) 289-5364 or via our Contact page, filling out the available Form.